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What’s with the Different Types of Gasoline, or What Do Those Octane Ratings at the Fuel Pump Mean?

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Have you ever pulled up to the gas pump and found yourself wondering, “Should I buy the less expensive 87 Regular or the 93 Premium?” If so, you’re not alone. After all, if one fuel is regular and one is premium, shouldn’t the premium be much better for your car? Well, it all depends. First […]

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5 Things You Should Teach Your Teenagers as They’re Learning to Drive, or 5 Things Every Driver Should Know

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No, this list doesn’t cover things like using turn signals or identifying road signs; it deals with car ownership. The list isn’t long, and I’m sure there are other items that could be added, but I’ve found that many new, and a good deal of older, drivers simply don’t know these five things. So, without […]

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How to Check Tire Pressure and Inflate/Deflate Accordingly

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Often, we jump into our vehicles and motor off without thinking about checking anything on our cars beforehand. One that’s important to check periodically, however, is tire pressure. You may feel that this is a moot point if your auto is equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), but those systems malfunction occasionally. So, […]

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The Most Bang for Your Buck- 15 Used Cars for around $10,000 or Less with Great Performance

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We’ve all seen the lists that compare cars costs to their respective performance. However, most of these lists deal with the new vehicles for each model year. While it is true that car performance in general is at an all-time high, new cars, whether performance oriented or not, depreciate as soon as they’re purchased. So, […]

Toyota Camry and Honda Accord

Most Reliable Used Cars

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I just spent several hours scouring the internet researching car reliability, and, unsurprisingly, the lists were surprisingly similar, even when looking at different model year ranges. Since there was some variation among the lists as they regard specific models but little variation among manufacturers, I’m going to structure my list by manufacturer and then list […]